M1.) How do I master reset my Garmin GPSMAP 62/78?

[Menu][Menu]>Setup>Reset>Reset All Settings. You will be asked if you want to reset user data. If you answer "Yes" the unit will be master reset.

M2.) Does the Garmin GPSMAP 62/78 have any diagnostic screens?

Yes. Press and hold [Enter] when you power the unit on and you will see a diagnostic screen. The GPS firmware version is visible through this screen.

M3.) Is there any way to recover a corrupted GPSMAP 62/78 without sending it back to Garmin?

Warning: These procedures may delete information (waypoints, routes, tracks, etc) from your GPS and settings may be set back to factory defaults. It is intended to be a "last ditch" recovery procedure.

Recovery Method #1 (Useful if you've just installed new files that might be preventing the unit from booting)

If your GPSMAP freezes during the startup process (i.e. Loading Maps...), and you've just loaded new maps or new gpx files then it could be the new files which are causing the problem. This procedure forces the unit into USB Mass Storage mode so that you can delete (or rename) these files. Follow these steps to recover:
  1. Press and hold the "Up" arrow on the 4-way button
  2. Attach the GPSMAP to your computer via USB cable while continuing to press "Up"
  3. Continue to hold down the "Up" button for 30 seconds while the GPSMAP boots.
  4. The GPSMAP should enter USB mass storage mode
  5. From your computer remove or rename any gpx, map files (.img or .kmz) files that were recently added
  6. Unplug the GPSMAP and power on to see if this remedies the problem

During step 3) you should only see the Garmin banner for 30 seconds followed immediately by the USB graphic. If you see any other text such as your custom banner, banners for loading maps, waypoints, etc then you have not held down the power button long enough.

Recovery Method #2 (Useful if you've just attempted a software upgrade and now the GPS won't boot)

If you've just updated and for some reason the GPS will not boot (i.e. freezes at the Garmin logo or complains about system software missing) then this procedure will sometimes recover the unit. Follow these steps:

  1. Remove the batteries from your GPSMAP 62 or 78
  2. Download the recovery file, save it onto your PC and unzip the file into a directory such as C:\Recovery
  3. From Explorer, navigate to C:\Recovery and drag and drop the rgn file onto Updater.exe. The updater program should start.
  4. Set "Connection Settings" to be "USB Device".
  5. Hold down the "Up" arrow button on the GPSMAP and connect the GPS via USB cable to your computer. (Note: I've seen some Garmin instructions that indicated that you should hold down the "Power" button but this has not worked for me)
  6. Once the device name is visible in the Updater window after "USB Device", click on "OK".
  7. The program should start the update and you can release the "Up" button.
  8. Leave the GPS plugged in until you receive a confirmation of a successful update and click "OK".
  9. Unplug the GPS, reinstall the batteries and power on your GPS. Under Setup>About verify the device is running version 2.40
  10. After this update run Webupdater to make sure you have the latest software.

If you would like to use this procedure to upgrade to a different version from the one provided in the recovery file above go to the Versions page and download the gcd file for the version you would like use. Download and run TurboCCC's RGN_Tool to convert the gcd file to a rgn file and use that rgn file instead of the one included in the recovery file. This tool has been used successfully with the default settings but please see TurboCCC's wiki for the latest details on how to use this tool.

Recovery Method #3 (Sometime useful if the GPS won't boot)

This is a way to restore factory defaults without requiring a computer. Follow these steps:

  1. Have the GPSMAP 62 (not sure if this works on 78) turned off.
  2. Press and hold both the "Page" and the "Enter" buttons
  3. Press and release the power button
  4. Wait for the unit to give a prompt to restore factory default.
  5. Release "Page" and "Enter" buttons.
  6. Select "Yes" using the "Up" button and "Enter"

Recovery Method #4 (Sometime useful if the GPS won't boot)

There is also a way to do a "hard re-set". Doing this basically brings the unit back to where it was when you first powered it up and had to enter your language preference. Follow these steps:

  1. Have the GPSMAP 62 (not sure if this works on 78) turned off.
  2. Press and hold both the "Quit", "Out" and the "Menu" buttons
  3. Press and release the power button
  4. Release "Quit", "Out" and "Menu" buttons after about 5 seconds

M4.) Can I change the background image on my Garmin GPSMAP?

No. You can only change the background color by going to [Menu][Menu]>Setup>Display>Colors .

M5.) Are there any tips to improve the GPSMAP's screen readability?

There are a few settings which will help improve the map page readability:

Disabling the basemap or preinstalled Topo is not the best option because you'll get poor map draw performance in the 12mi-50mi zoom ranges and no maps will be visible above 50mi. Leave the basemap or preinstalled maps enabled in all profiles, including automotive, and use the following settings to control background color regardless of the maps you are using:

  1. Turn off relief shading using [Menu][Menu]>Setup>Map>Advanced Map Setup>Shaded Relief>Do Not Show (or Auto). If you are using track/north up mode or panning in automotive mode this will provide you with a white background except for areas that have land cover coloring (e.g. parks, golf courses, etc)
  2. To eliminate land cover coloring goto [Menu][Menu]>Setup>Map>Advanced Map Setup>Zoom Levels>Land Cover and turn it Off.

If you do 1 and 2 the map background should be white no matter what orientation you are in and where you are located, except a body of water. Note you can also use Automotive Mode (vs. track up or north up) for Orientation, you'll see only a white background assuming you disable land cover as described in 2) above.


In your automotive profile disable Shaded Relief and Land Cover so that you always see a white map background. Remember to leave both City Nav and Topo enabled.


Create two "outdoor" profiles: Hi Visibility and Normal. In both outdoor profiles enable Topo enabled but in Hi Visibility disable Shaded Relief and Land Cover so you always have a white background. In my Normal profile I leave Shaded Relief and Land Cover enabled so that I can see shading and land cover on the map.

M6.) My PC doesn't recognize the GPSMAP as a USB mass storage device. How do I fix this?

The PC probably doesn't have the proper drivers installed. From Garmin's FAQ:
If your device is not recognized by your computer as a separate drive and the GPSMAP is in mass storage mode please use the following steps to prompt your computer to recognize the device:
  1. Turn the GPSMAP off and insure all cables are disconnected from the GPSMAP
  2. Press and hold the "up" button
  3. Continue holding "up" while also plugging the mini-USB cable into the GPSMAP
The computer should now recognize that a device is plugged in. You will then see the Found New Hardware Wizard appear and be prompted how to install the necessary USB drivers. Choose "No not at this time" and then select the option to install USB drivers automatically. When the USB driver installation is complete choose "Finish" and the GPSMAP should now be seen by the computer as a separate drive.

M7.) Can I assign an special name and symbol to the drive associated with the GPSMAP's SD memory card in Windows Explorer (similar to the GPSMAP's internal memory drive)?

Yes. And thanks to bartz for this very nice custom icon!

  • Download this file GarminSDicon.zip to your desktop.
  • Extract the zip file to your Windows desktop
    • readme.txt, autorun.inf and Garmin\GarminSDCard.ico should appear on the desktop
  • Connect your GPSMAP to your computer with the SD card inserted
    • The SD card should show up as a driver letter in Explorer, call it [SD Drive]
  • Copy the file autorun.inf from your desktop into the folder [SD Drive]:\
  • Copy the file Garmin\GarminSDcard.ico from your desktop into the folder [SD Drive]:\Garmin
  • Unplug the GPSMAP and plug it back in
    • In Explorer you should see the icon below when your GPSMAP is connected (screen capture is for Colorado but it will look the same)
  • Delete the files from your Windows desktop

M8.) Can I personalize the startup screen?

Yes, it's possible to add a personalized message into the startup screen.
  1. Connect the GPSMAP at the PC with the USB cable;
  2. Open the file startup.txt into the [GPSMAP Drive]:\Garmin;
  3. Write the desired message starting from the last empty line of the file, the message could be long 4 or 5 lines;
  4. Save the modified file, disconnect the USB connection and power on the GPS unit.


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